Moments of Ritual

Triumph & Disaster believes in rituals

Life is about the small moments, slices of time that when isolated suspend us, giving pause, creating space to breathe and reflect. Moments like these create a sense of wellbeing, of preparedness, they can elevate our mood and give us the focus required to perform at a high level. Slipping into these moments is a skill that needs to be practiced. It requires a routine and system to lead us.

At T&D we call these systems our rituals...


men's 3 day workout routine

...the everyday practices that lead us to those moments of clarity and calm.

The more we practice these rituals the better we get at them, the more we invest in them the greater the results.

At T&D we like to say that ceremony is everything...

The amount of effort and time we give to making our rituals valuable and impactful, is directly proportional to the uplift we gain from them. By draping our rituals in ceremony, we make them more worthwhile, giving them greater importance and making them more powerful. This might all sound a little ethereal, but fact is it works.
men's stretching routine
The small routines and disciplines we create in our lives do deliver back some of the magic that the ordinary mundane existence of modern life has stripped away from us. Disciplines that deliver us clarity of thought. Clarity of preparation and purpose. Rituals that prepare us for the day make our life better and give balance and perspective to what we do each day.
morning routine for men
This is not malarkey, it’s real and having a great routine around the moments we can claim each day as our own is a great tool for leading a robust, healthy life.
men's health morning routine
Be it your morning shave. Or the first coffee of the day. To setting the right playlist for the drive to work. To tying your laces right before your run, to toasting the sun, whatever it is we are creating life, lifting our essence, elevating the playing field when we create these little ceremonies. We like to say, Triumph & Disaster is a brand that supports rituals — Encourages them...

we make products of ritual and ceremony...

In the process adding value to your daily bread. We respect those who understand the value of this investment. After all what greater gift for the world is there than a thoughtful, balanced, well maintained human? Our goal is to support people in becoming capable, robust humans. Rituals at T&D are the emergency lighting guiding us towards the door. They are the coping strategies that will see us out safely.

Small processes that we practice daily...

To clear our thinking, adjust our sights, harness, and direct our energy in a positive fashion. We salute those who believe in rituals like these. We salute the moment and the ceremony just before action, the pause before the endeavor, the breath before the fight, because...

...the road to self-improvement is paved in small moments like these

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