Thanks for shopping with T&D, we make all efforts to process your order within 24 hours, however orders placed over weekends or holidays may take a little longer than this due to the human nature of our business. Once your order is processed you will receive an order confirmation followed by a shipping confirmation.

Standard shipping is 3 to 5 business days (there are of course exceptions to the rule - but if you live in Yellowknife you probably already understand this concept).

We operate five separate Triumph & Disaster websites to cater for customers in many regions of the world. The five sites are primarily for customers in United StatesCanada & MexicoUnited KingdomEuropeAustralia and New Zealand/Rest of the World
It is best to use the website that is closest to your location. You can select the website that is closest to you by using the store picker on the homepage.

We ship to most countries in the world, however some of our location based websites (listed above) are limited to shipping to locations within their immediate area. 

If you need any help or assistance or have any questions about shipping, please contact us.