Winter Skincare


For those of us hunkering down for the cooler months, our skin requires a special set of skills to take us through to spring.


Your face and skin take a battering over the colder months. Frigid temperatures, cold winds and waves of artificial heat are the perfect conditions for creating dry, ravaged skin, matched with dull hair and sore eyes that can make you feel like you haven’t slept for a week. Cold winter weather reduces body temperature and we produce less natural skin oil, while dry winter air and artificial heat sources wick away what moisture is left on our skin. Its a nature double-play for the unprepared as cold temperatures outside take their toll and artificial heat inside adds to the misery.  In short, your skin is more likely to dry out during a winter of discontent. 

It might be cold in the morning but resist the urge to stand for ages under a hot shower. Hot steaming showers strip the skin of natural oils that naturally protect our skin from the elements. Moisturise your face once you have finished in the shower to replace any loss of oil and hydration and for those of you in regions that get particularly cold, moisturise your hands and body also to keep your skin fighting fit all over. Moisturise your face at least once, if not twice a day, especially if you are working outside or in air-conditioned or artificially heated environments. And drink lots of water, stay well hydrated internally, luke warm water is best as it is most easily absorbed by the body.

Infused with key ingredients that provide the essential hydration and nourishment your skin needs to overcome natures challenges - Gameface moisturiser is the solution. Gameface uses unique ingredients derived from nature and engineered with science, to provide your skin the protection to kick these winter months and our Body Moisturiser to keep your hands and elsewhere in check.



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