Offering a curated selection of incredible products from around the world, BEAST in Covent Garden London, is a one of a kind. The only dedicated Men's beauty store in UK, BEAST has a range of Body, Hair, Shave, Face and Fragrance. From the boutique kitchen perfumer, right up to the well known and established brands, including Triumph & Disaster. 
We caught up with one of the gentleman behind BEAST, Mr Steven Banks...
T&D - Beast is a fantastic concept, where did the Idea come from? 
SB - From the realisation that I had to visit around 5 or 6 different stores to buy my beauty products, my partners and I thought to create a one-stop shop (and website) selling everything a guy needs. 
T&D - How do you source your product brands? 
SB - Prior to launching we spent 3 years researching the market, reading magazines, visiting stores on our travels around the world and searching through the web. Then the fun part was we calling in all the products from the brands and testing them with friends.
T&D - What’s your favourite product in the Triumph & Disaster range, and why? 
SB - My favourite is the Face Scrub, it's probably the best I've ever used, you can tell from just looking at it that your dead skin is in trouble!
T&D - People love coming to Beast because?
SB - Obviously I'm biased but I think we have the best selection of male products in the World - We have over 800 products across 40 categories from 75 brands. Also, the staff are great, our aim is to give an unbiased opinion on the products, instead focusing on what is suitable for the customer.
T&D - What’s next for the business? 
SB - We need to refine and increase our range of products, we need to better translate our in-store customer experience to online, open more stores and continue having fun.
T&D - If we leave Beast with one thing, what should it be? 
A warm fuzzy feeling.

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