What do Nordstrom, Amazon, Starbucks and biotech each have in common?

Their employees may now be coiffed with Triumph & Disaster at their corporate locations. That's right, the original #riseandgrind residents of Seattle, WA, the rainy city known for corporate international giants across several industries, now bow their heads to have them done with Triumph & Disaster products. Weldon Barber, a well-known, family-owned chain of salons has partnered with Triumph & Disaster to deliver clean, exotic, performance-driven ingredients to their ever-demanding, and discerning clientele. And, why wouldn't they be discerning since they kicked the doors in on pop music as the Grunge capital and defined an entire industry in e-commerce, coffee, and gene editing? It makes one wonder what exactly is in that coffee we all now drink? But the most amazing detail is that the Nordstrom's family, a name synonymous with style, own Weldon Barbers. Opened in 2004 by Bill and Suzette Nordstrom, Weldon Barber set to modernize the old-fashioned barbershop model and create a more upscale experience for men.

Triumph & Disaster launched with Weldon Barber in the fall of 2018. To kick off the launch, we sat down with one of Weldon’s top barbers, Nate, to discuss his experience, philosophy, and favorite Triumph & Disaster product.
Triumph & Disaster: How long have you been styling and cutting hair?
Nate: I have been a barber for 7 years and have worked at Weldon for the past 5 years.
T&D: What’s your favorite style or look to steal?
Nate: The best part of my job is that styles are constantly changing and evolving, so I don’t have a particular favorite. However, whatever David Beckham is doing at the time seems to be a safe bet.
T&D:  What’s your favorite thing about being a barber?
Nate: Barbering is an art. It allows the barber to tap into their creative nature. When I’m cutting hair, there is no thinking involved and it becomes very meditative.
T&D: What’s the one thing that makes you stand out to clients?
Nate: I believe what stands out the most to my clients is that they trust their look with me. And they know I will go to any length or extreme to make sure every request in service is taken care of for them to, even down to the smallest detail.
T&D: What is your favorite Triumph & Disaster product and why?
Nate: Fibre Royale – because it is very easy to apply and versatile for all of my clients. It works with many different styles and has great hold without being excessive, creating an exquisite, natural, but finished look.


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