Don't end up looking like a clown

Triumph and Disaster No Dice SunscreenJack Nicholson pulled it off as the Joker in Batman and it worked for Marcel Marceau, but a white face is rarely a good look.

No Dice is non-whitening sunscreen that has been engineered for those occasions when you are in the sun but don’t want to look like a clown.

No Dice is non-greasy and light while delivering ultra-premium, natural protection in a demure manner. It won’t ruin your clothes or let you down when you need to look your best but cannot avoid the sun.
And it won’t leave you smelling like a pineapple.

Three reasons you should use No Dice sunscreen

1) No Dice is 87% natural – and that’s a really good thing. We use safe synthetic science to enhance the brilliant protection provided by the proven natural minerals zinc and titanium.

2) Non whitening – ultra safe sun protection without turning you into Marcel Marceau. Perfect for serious occasions when looking funny is not ok.

3) Non Greasy – no more greasy nostrils, dripping brows or stained necklines. No Dice goes on dry and absorbs quickly avoiding the greasy feeling left by many sunscreens.

 Buy the best protection for your face this summer. Use No Dice.

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