'A knockout grooming routine is all about combinations'

At T&D we have a goal of making things as simple as possible, but no simpler. For example, we called our shampoo 1 and our conditioner 2, because it’s the way they are intended to be used, in combination.

The benefits of using products in combination are profound, delivering something like a secret multiplier effect, whereby the sum of the whole is greater than its constituent parts. Like that gypsy, voodoo trip you took while traveling by Elephant Caravan through Sri Lanka, back in your 20’s – apologies for the flashback - but if you know, you know.

Triumph & Disaster likes to give these combinations names, like, ‘the old, one two’, or ‘the do, one two’, or ‘blue train’. The names might be a play on words, but the results are deadly serious. Combining products and the practice of applying them, is like simple math and there is only one answer, the right one.

Below are some examples of how our products combine and work together to deliver this multiplier effect and offer you the answer to some simple equations.

  • Rock & Roll Scrub and T&D face cleanser – this little ritual, will ensure you have clean, exfoliated skin, and when used right they help you train your skin to health by keeping skin clean and promoting more consistent oil production and dispersion. We say use ‘Rock & Roll’ twice a week, once for business and once for pleasure – this helps skin recover from a full exfoliation and avoids removing oil too often which can promote overproduction. The cleanser should be used every other day to gently dissolve away dirt and grime plus any excess oil build up from the day (If you really want to complete the T&D face ritual add a splash of toner and then complete with Gameface as per below, for the ultimate four punch combo).  
  • Toner and Gameface -use toner to refine and tone the pores after you have cleaned them, and Gameface moisturiser to lock in all the good work of the other products – use these four products in combination and you will have better skin – of this we are certain. A great toner constricts the pore without damaging it, effectively making skin appear tighter and smoother. And a great moisturiser like Gameface, calms, hydrates and protects the face and leaves it feeling fresh and healthy.
  • Dark Moon & Dichotomy – one works to regenerate the face at night while the other works to improve aqueous flow and reduce crows’ feet and dark circles around the eyes. Both are rich in antioxidants and designed to attack free radicals in the night while you sleep. The similarity in in their active ingredients allows them to work in combination and reach deep inside the cell where repair is underway.
  • Coltrane Clay and Karekare sea salt spray – for anyone with fine or dare we say ‘thinning’ hair this little duo is a game changer. The clay adds weight and volume and visibly thickens the hair whilst Karekare reacts with the hydrogen bonds in hair creating enhanced curl and shape which in turn adds volume. The green tea in ‘Karekare’ adds a layer of UV protection. This combination feels great in the hair and gives you the ability to rework your look, bringing hair back to life during the day.

We recommend many other products in our range that work together, easy ones like shampoo and conditioner (1 and 2) or more complex ones like beard oil and balm. Whatever the combination though, they need to fit with your ritual and become part of a routine. Because with all these products it’s the ritual and regular use that really delivers the results. Just think small improvements every day, like tiny triumphs you earn along the way.

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