Day 13 - The only way out is through

"The Captains  T&D Team  (lockdown) Log"

Collective thoughts of the group over the lockdown period



Date: Tue 7 Apr 2020

By: Jason Niedumow


I still remember a great movie The Terminal. Tom Hanks is stuck there for what seems like forever… Well, 2 hours 8 minutes to be exact, I checked… More like 2 hours less the credits actually on that point… Why does Tom Hanks keep getting stuck places? In an airport, on an island, what's next?!


Then again Tom Hanks has saved private Ryan, landed a plane, oh and last but not least cracked the Da Vinci Code. On top of all that he beat coronavirus. All in a day’s work for this gentleman.


My little lockdown story well it's not the happiest one but here goes. We have had our fish tank about 8 months now, it’s sort of the pride and joy of our living room. One of our fish fell ill and died late Saturday night… the kindest thing to do was to flush him with some overdramatic music. After that, The entire flat was a bit gutted so we decided to order some pizza to rectify our sorrows. As soon as we opened Uber Eats we remember there is actually a global pandemic on our doorstep so yeah sadly they are not delivering.


Quickly after that, I went to the pantry to find some rum... rum is good BUT as Jack Sparrow once said, "WHY IS ALL THE RUM GONE?!"


Moral of the story Tom Hanks is the man & never, ever, EVER, allow yourself to run out of rum. Period.



Ok that's quite enough from me I'm signing off. Still day 13 I have no rum on my desert island but I will update you next time in a galaxy far far away. 


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