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"The Captains  T&D Team  (lockdown) Log"

Collective thoughts of the group over the lockdown period



Date: Mon 20 Apr 2020

By: Phil Ashton - Brand Manager UK & Europe


We are just about to enter week four of lockdown in the UK. Life as we knew it three weeks ago has become eerily unfamiliar; I now physically tense up if I see somebody in a film shake hands, or worse, have a full embrace. 

It’s quite easy to lose perspective and let the fatigue creep in. I’ve heard a few people start to question ‘is all this worth it, for the damage it is doing to the economy?’ and as the lockdown gets extended for a minimum of another three weeks, the frustration grows, ‘when will it end?’ the biggest question of all.

Why do we sacrifice so much for the lives of others? For me, it all boils down to a simple case of empathy and humanity, the things that make us, ‘us’. 

Maybe the reason why the story of 99 year old Captain Tom, walking up and down his garden aided only by a walking frame, struck a chord with so many; he is a living and breathing (walking) reminder of sacrifices generations before have made, for the sake of humanity.


 With the graphs, facts and figures we are presented daily, explaining where we are at with the current situation, it's very easy to forget these numbers are all people. People who are loved, and families that have been shattered.  

At the time of writing this, Captain Tom has raised over £25m for the NHS. We salute you Captain!


All Credit for images to The Sun.

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