Day 5 - The only way out is through

"The Captains  T&D Team  (lockdown) Log"

Collective thoughts of the group over the lockdown period



Date: Mon 30 Mar 2020

By: Nick Clegg  - Global Brand Manager Australia, Canada & US


I don't think I'm a bad driver, perhaps the facts would say otherwise…or maybe I just love to have a story to tell?
I have this Mercedes Ute, I Seriously think it's cursed, let's call her "Christine 2".
I've had like 3 hit and runs, hit two parked cars, then a couple of weeks ago, I just got it back from the Panel-beaters and then the very next day a bus crashed into me, - I swear it wasn’t my fault, I was just off to the butchers to buy some sausages…
I do love a sausage.
Let me tell you, the noise of a bus sliding down the side of your car is like 300 toddlers running their fingernails down a black board, shoot me now!
So, we have just hit like day 5 in lockdown here in NZ and the day prior to lockdown, I managed to get Christine 2 back from the bus incident all shiny and new, looking freshly buffed and ready to roll - Just in the nick of time to run some errands before isolation!
I have this 1980’s space invader machine that has like 2000 classic games on it, the screen had tanked - So, I managed to find a guy that would repair it for me in Auckland, perfect for 4 weeks of Isolation - might be the only time I get to put my initials down for the high score on every game and feel like a champion!
Me and my girlfriend loaded it into the back of the cursed ute (Christine 2) and I sped off to drop it to “Mr Spacies” for repair - so I could beat curfew and have an evening of Donkey Kong, Streetfighter, Defender etc.
I don't know if you are familiar with the Auckland harbour bridge, but it has this giant moveable concrete barrier in the middle lane, let just say when a tire somehow scrapes ever so slightly against this barrier, well it isn’t so moveable…
Who even manages to hit that barrier? - Thanks Christine 2!
The drivers tire promptly exploded, me, Christine 2 and the spacie machine did a version of super Mario kart racing across three lanes and ended up at the bottom of the harbour bridge  in the bus lane, great my favourite place to be stationary, love a bus coming up from behind…
Very quickly two police cars careered down the motorway to find out what the hell I was doing - “Mate you were see driving dangerously and swerving across all the lanes” - To which I alerted them to the state of my wheel.
Very quickly the rescue response was on the scene - the motorway was cordoned off with the plastic road cones and my wheel was kindly changed by the officers at hand.
I turned around and went home - No spacie's for me and expensive round trip - apart from the police being quite amazing - the jaunt to the land of gaming was definitely more of a Disaster than a Triumph…
Does anyone want to buy a Mercedes Ute?


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