Treat any blemishes, tone tired-looking skin, shave and groom your look.

Apply toner after cleansing to help remove any remaining traces of makeup or excess oil. Toner will help to soothe, repair and smooth the skin’s surface and may help to diminish blemishes.

Whether you choose to shave daily, or more sporadically, a good shave requires skill and attention. Ensure you have the right tools on hand - a sharp razor, a good shaving product and brush, and a warm cloth (warm water helps to open pores, relaxes the face and softens the hair). Part ritual, part preparation, all man time.

Apply eye cream to moisturise and protect the delicate area around your eyes.

we recommend:

Our all natural Old Fashioned Shave Cream uses lanolin and coconut oil extracts to deliver the tightest shave and softest, smoothest skin. This natural formulation contains none of the nasties we frown upon.

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